Tuesday, May 1, 2007

A Southern Moment...

I may live in The South, but I didn't grow up here. Now, I'm not implying that it isn't lovely living here, I'm just saying that sometimes things happen to me or I overhear something that reminds me that "I'm not from 'round here." Tonight I had one of them, there, Southern Moments. :)

My oldest son's class was performing in a school musical. My family (two younger boys on my lap craning to see Aaron and Husband on the wall with the video camera) was watching the crowd of first graders sing songs about colorful rainbows, keeping the planet clean, and how we all need the moon.

Now, there was a family behind me also enjoying the show. At one point, the little boy asked his dad if he could use the camera to take a picture of his big brother. The dad, in full instructor mode handed over his camera to the little boy and said, "Now, it's just like using the GUN. You look through here..."