Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Eight Is Great!

Happy Birthday, Jesus

Nothin' says, "Happy Birthday, Jesus!" more than a ton of Legos, a bunch of Nerf guns and a few remote controlled cars! I hope your Christmas was blessed!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Come on in!

Boys! Hurry up and let's get the house ready for all the bloggers on the Christmas Tour of Homes. I'll need your muscles! Okay, bring the Lego Advent calendar into the hallway. Set it up next to the Advent banner and our little nativity scene from Grandma. Who is going to open the little window? Okay. Now that Dad has the tree in the stand, how 'bout some Decorating Super Heroes? While you guys do that I am going to put my little Santa on the piano.
I'm going to look for the tree skirt while you get the new train going, Sam.
The tree skirt is under the tree and I put a little snowflake ribbon on the tree. I think the tree is ready! Aaron, will you set up the kids' nativity scene in the living room?
Here is the North Pole scene for you to put up, Dave and Sam.

Hey, kinda looks like Santa and the Baby Jesus were neighbors...
Sam, I brought this new Playmobile nativity from my classroom. Will you put it on the lamp table in the living room?

Aaron, will you add these cards to the card holder? Here are a few new signs to hang.
Aaron, when you are done with that book please put it in the Christmas book bin.

Dave, put the Christmas stuffed animals in the basket.
Sam, let's find a place to put your Jesus candy cane. And how 'bout Aaron putting the wreath on the door? Everybody outta the dining room... breakables!
We're going to need some treats on that new Santa plate, Dave.

Our guests might enjoy a chocolate cupcake with chocolate ganache and white chocolate cream cheese peppermint frosting. Okay, I think we are ready. Honey, will you turn on the outside lights? Let's welcome our guests. Smile, boys!
Merry Christmas, Friends.
May the love of Christ warm your hearts

this Christmas and all year!
Christmas Tours Past...

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas Tour of Homes

The boys are busy decorating for Christmas. Come back later and I'll show you around!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Start Your Engines!

Sam is home from school today with a fever. His fever broke early in the day, so we've had a relaxing afternoon. I knew he was feeling better when he asked for a lunch and some XBox. I even offered to play. Now, how come I am the one with the driver's license, but he wins every racing game?! The last game I was having such difficulty even keeping the car on the track that he offered to wait at the finish line for me. After a few minutes he politely suggested that he finish the race for me!