Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day

My head is groggy and my throat hurts. My sinuses are stuffy and my ears itch. So, I spent Mother's Day dozing on the couch while my boys played.

A beautiful morning at church was replaced with a nap on the couch for me. (Special thanks to my friend who took the boys in her pew this morning so I could stay home and rest.) A fancy lunch out was replaced with Hubbymade Spiderman macaroni and cheese for the family and chicken noodle soup and tea for me. An afternoon at the park was replaced with a Centipede challenge after the ibuprofen kicked in. (Sam rocks at Centipede! And it is so cute to watch him wiggle and squirm while he plays.)

Oh, well. Husband promises that the boys will take me to buy flowers and a new fragrance (just what I asked for) as soon as I can smell again. Hmmph.

Anyway, I have a special fondness for preschool (or in Aaron's case, 1st grade) crafts, so I thought I would record what the boys made for me. Aaron gave me a huge tissue paper flower with the following note attached, "Dear Mom: Your prity and kind and nothing will sperat us ever."

David made me a garden stone complete with jewels surrounding his foot imprint. According to the card he gave me David thinks I am best at "watching us and planting a garden." Well, I hope I am MUCH better at "watching" the children than planting a garden. (Brown thumb...)

Sam made a cute hand towel for me. His hand print is bright yellow and has a stem and leaves to look like a flower. His fingerprints are all over the card and each fingerprint is part of something... a flower, a bug, a frog, etc.

On this Mother's Day I give thanks for the three little boys who call me, "MOM!"