Thursday, May 24, 2007

Treasure Hunt Anyone?

Today was Aaron's last day of school. The two younger boys and I ventured over there to enjoy a few last moments of chaos parading as a "class party" before saying, "Good-bye" to Mrs. S. On our way out of the classroom she handed us a few books to enjoy over the next few months. There was an assortment of things, but the one item that we absolutely enjoyed this afternoon is this book of Treasure Hunts from Klutz.
After lunch and a little "quiet time" (Scooby Doo DVD and snoozing) the boys begged to play with this book. The book contains all the punch-out clues to do several different treasure hunts. We played two.
The first set of clues for the treasure hunt were picture clues that I placed where the directions told me to. ( :) Seriously, on the back of the clue it tells you where to hide the clue.) They were thrilled to discover 3 chocolate kisses in the shoe basket. (The book doesn't supply the treasures, just the clues!)
The second treasure hunt was an act-it-out hunt. I hid the clues and the boys had to act out the clue they found. It was too funny watching Sam trying to be a chair. Or Aaron trying to act out "jacket." This time the treasure was a sheet of Cars stickers stuck in my jacket pocket.
I loved watching them work together to find the clues. Their excitement was contagious and watching them encourage each other ("David, you get this clue!") just about made me weak in the knees.
I must admit, however, that it was tempting to run to the mall for a little "retail therapy" while the boys were so willingly sequestered in their rooms while I hid the clues. "Okay, boys. I'm just going to hide one more clue... No peeking!" ;)

Thanks, Mrs. S! Thanks for a great year and for a fun "bag of tricks!"


Leslie said...

I am going to add that to my Amazon wish list! What a fun gift idea! You have sooooo many good ideas!

Leslie said...

Yep, and for the record, I am now constantly at least 15 minutes late ;)

Anonymous said...

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