Sunday, May 24, 2009

Kitchen Meme

I've been doing a lot of baking lately. Bake sales, parties, company. Whatever the occasion I have been digging for a recipe to try or to whip up. Lately my favorite thing to bake is cupcakes. As in just about everything, there are whole blogs devoted to Cupcake Love. On one blog, The Busty Baker ( I found this Getting to Know Me Quiz and I knew I'd have to copy it here! David with a chocolate marshmallow cupcake.

Getting to Know Me!

Metal or Non-stick? Metal and I love parchmant paper when making cookies.
Cast iron or Stainless? Stainless.
Cutting board: Wood or Plastic? I have one of each.
Knife: Carbon Steel or Stainless? I don't even know.
Kitchen Aid or Hand Mixer? I love my Kitchen Aid! I've even given her a name, Matilda. Matilda the Mixer.
Cooktop: Gas, Electric, or Induction? Currently I have electric. Now if only I could go back to a smooth top...
Side-by-side, Freezer on top, Fridge on top? A side-by-side that I am constantly struggling to get all of my stuff into.
Apron or Whoops? I'd love to be an apron girl. I really want one. Hey, my birthday is coming...
Mashed Potatoes: By Hand, Ricer, or Mixer? Usually I mash potatoes by hand, but I have been known to use the mixer once in a while.
Sandwich or Wrap? I like a good wrap, but I'm good with a sandwich usually. And I love subs.
PB& _____? Whatever kinda jelly is in the fridge. Usually some strawberry preserves.
Pancakes: Syrup or Applesauce? Syrup! Ever put syrup and brown sugar on your pancakes? My friend Jen taught me that. Pretty indulgent, but I'm worth it!
Cakes: Scratch or Mix? Usually by scratch, but I keep a good stash of mixes. There are lots of cupcake recipes that start with a mix.
Chili: Beans or No Beans? I'm okay either way.
Napkin: Cloth or Paper? Lots of paper, but I'm thinking about buying some white cloth ones and keeping them out in a pretty rectangular basket. Anyone know where I can buy a bunch of them for cheap?
BBQ: Takes the whole weekend to make or Take Out? Take out.
Chicken: White or Dark? WHITE. I'm pretty adamant about not wanting any part of the chicken other than the breast.
Ice Cream: Cone or Dish? Waffle cones or a dish. Bring it on!! Aaron with a chocolate chip cookie cupcake. (Yellow cupcake with a cookie baked in the bottom and chocolate chip buttercream.)