Thursday, May 3, 2007

Works for Me Wednesday: Honeybun Cake & Giftwrap

Is it okay to post a "Works for Me Wednesday" on Thursday? Well, I hope so, because here it goes!!

The first thing I thought of when Shannon announced that this week's WFMW would be birthday tips was... gotta share the honeybun cake recipe. At our house, if it is your birthday we start the day with a honeybun cake. It is a yummy, yellow cake with a struesel in the middle (just nuts, no raisins in the struesel) and a powdered sugar glaze on top. I use the recipe from the back of the box of yellow cake mix.

My giftwrap tip I learned while watching the Martha Stewart Weddings DVD. Recycle pretty giftwrap by putting it through the shredder. Then use the pretty shreds as filler in bags or boxes.

My other giftwrap tip is for packages that will be sent throug the mail. Add wrapped, hard candies to the "filler" (those little "peanuts" or shredded paper) before placing the gift in the box. Festive!
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