Friday, March 27, 2009

The Blond Family

A few weekends ago we went to a National Park in the middle of Coconut Grove called, The Barnacle. It is a small park and it is home to the oldest house in Dade county that has never been moved. You can tour the home and boat house and run all over the lawn and gardens.

As we were leaving the park (because it was closing time) one of the members of our party had to use the bathroom. We had already passed the bathrooms, so I asked the Park Ranger if we could go back and use the facilities. She said, "Sure." Then she got on her radio and said, "I've got The Blonde Family. They need to use the bathroom."

I guess that is us. The Blonde Family.

As we were leaving The Barnacle my Father-in-Law called. We were telling him about the park and Coconut Grove and he asked what Coconut Grove looked like. So.... here you go, Dad. I don't have any pictures of The Barnacle, but here are a few shots of Coconut Grove.
Crowded, trendy shops and restaurants, lots of cars, not so much parking, cute blonde kids...
(It really is a fun place to look around. People watching is very good here. Not so picturesque as you walk back to your car snapping pictures.)

Monday, March 2, 2009


Last Wednesday was Ash Wednesday- the beginning of Lent. As part of the Ash Wednesday service ashes were applied to our foreheads to remind us of who we are. And just who am I?
Here are the words from the bulletin,

Created by God ("Remember that you are dust..."),
Mortal ("...and to dust you will return"),
On a journey of conversion ("Repent and be faithful to the Gospel"),
Part of the body of Christ (the smudge on our foeheads proclaims that identity to others).

I took a picture of each of my boys with thier foreheads marked with a cross of ashes. I think I'll keep these photos for just those days when I need reminding that my boys are on loan from God and that Jesus died to take away thier sins. (Mine, too.) Hard to get all worked up and upset with my child of God, isn't it? Exactly my point! (Eternity with these clowns is going to be very exciting!)
May it always be evident that we are part of the body of Christ even when the "smudges" are gone.