Tuesday, May 22, 2007

WFMW- Teacher Gifts

Well, the end of the school year is here! No more school; no more books...

I have loved the boys' teachers this year. (Actually, I've loved them every year, but I have only a few years' worth of experience on the parent side of the parent/teacher relationship. ;) ) I really wanted to send a "little something" just to say, "Thanks for spending a year with my mudpie-maker." With 5 teachers/teacher's aides to buy for, however, my funds were limited.

Now, I like to give teacher gifts that are edible. I know some would disagree with me, but, hey, everyone eats. And even if they wouldn't eat what you give them, they know someone who will.

*Digressing to tell one of my all-time favorite kindergarten teaching stories. Samantha came to my desk with a gift box tucked behind her back. I unwrapped the package to reveal two rows of spectacular Italian truffles. She was so excited that she said, "Look, Mrs. P. One row for you and one row for Mr. P." I winked at her, smiled a crooked smile, and replied. "Great. Let's eat his row now!!"

Keeping my budget and my love of good snacks in mind, I was brainstorming with another mom/teacher. She suggested something to go with a lemonade/summer theme. Here is what we came up with...

I bought Crystal Light Lemonade in the 4 pack bottles. (Any brand would work, I just found these bottles the right size for what I wanted.) I bought a set of plastic tumblers that looked "summer-y". And I baked yummy chocolate chip cookies.

I made the cutest little gifts each with a bottle of lemonade, a cute tumbler, and several cookies wrapped in a clear cellophane bag. I wrapped them in lime and blue tissue paper and tied them with curling ribbon (blue, teal, and lime) Attached was a blue tag that read, "Sitting in the shade drinking lemonade."

A few more ideas for frugal, yet edible teacher gifts...

Wrap up a box of graham crackers, a bag of marshmallows, and a large chocolate bar with a note that reads, "Have s'more fun this summer!"

A jar of tasty chocolate sauce, a couple of inexpensive sundae dishes, and a dollar store ice cream scoop with a note that reads, "Here's the scoop..."

How 'bout fancy pancake mix and real maple syrup wrapped in a large dishtowel?

May you enjoy those last few hectic days of school! And three cheers for Mrs. S, Mrs. T, Mrs. A , Mrs. A, and Mrs. S!

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Girl Gone Wild said...

Oh, oh, oh!!! Those are GREAT(!) ideas. I'm always looking for cheap but fun ideas for gifts. Being a pastor's wife gets you invited to every occasion and can get crazy quick. I LOVE this idea and it's very flexible.

Marcia said...

Those are GREAT ideas. So easy to do and cheap!

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Tara Sloan said...

Love these ideas!!!! I'm going to use them for my girls' teachers!

Christine said...

Thanks for all those great ideas. I really liked the S'More one.

Jane said...

These are great ideas! As a teacher I like the edible stuff because I don't have time at the end of the school year to bake. Also, it's hard to use all the tchotchkes that you get as much as you would like to keep them all!

Leslie said...

Wow, such super ideas!

Anonymous said...

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