Wednesday, January 28, 2009

WFMW: Chocolate Milk

Wow is my world busy! Church, Baseball, Cub Scouts, and school activities have kept us very busy, so this week's Works for Me Wednesday Tip is very simple. Every week we buy two gallons of milk. (Don't you?) We open one gallon jug and squeeze an insane amount of chocolate syrup into the jug. (As long as I am sugaring them up I choose Hershey's lite.) Replace the cap and shake it up. Yum. Now, when you open the fridge you can either have white milk (not like anyone chooses to DRINK that, mind you) or you can shake and chug some tasty chocolate milk.

Chocolate-y, milky goodness without the mess of pouring, squeezing and stirring. And I don't have to watch anybody try to drink out of the glass with the spoon still sticking out. "You'll poke your eye out with that!!"
Now, that really works for me.
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Sunday, January 25, 2009


The boys recently started a new season of baseball. S is playing t-ball on a team and D and A are playing baseball on a team. Last week S and I were sitting in the stands and he asked for a treat. We wound up with a bag of popcorn. When the older boys finished their practice D came over and asked, "Did you get that at the concussion stand?"

Monday, January 12, 2009

Makes My Monday: No Training Wheels!

I'm cheating a bit here because usually Makes My Monday is one photo that "makes your day". Well, I couldn't resist putting up three pictures today because this past weekend all three boys gave up thier training wheels. All three boys on the same day! How cool is that?!

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Happy Birthday, Sweetie!

Recently it was Chris' birthday and we celebrated with a little blueberry birthday pie. God's blessings to you, God's blessings to you...

Look Who Turned 7!

While I've been on a bit of a bloggy break, my D turned 7! We celebrated with a trip to a local water park. (Only in Miami...)

Pizza and cake...

And presents!

He is still THIS excited about his birthday! May God grant you a fabulous year, D!!

New Year's Eve Pajama Party

Happy New Year! We rang in the New Year with lots of fun.

We started our evening with a worship service at church and then we got ready for our New Year's Eve Pajama Party.

We started with a little carpet picnic and movie. The boys love a big plate of lil' smokies, carrots and dip, mini quiche, cheese and crackers...
Then we enjoyed some board games. Operation, Clue Jr. and Tumblin' Monkeys.
We even had a little target practice with A's Nerf gun and board.
We finally had some time to put together our gingerbread house.
Right before midnight we "counted down" as the ball dropped in NYC and then we ran out to the drive way to light sparklers.

We finished off the evening by "camping out" in the family room.

A Blessed New Year to all of my "bloggy friends"!!