Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Strawberry Fields Forever

Let me just say that I wrote this entry on Tuesday, but I've been struggling to get the pictures where I want them and the size I want them. I've followed Blogger's directiosn, but I still get itty bitty photos that only appear above the journaling. Any suggestions?
This morning (Tuesday morning) we went strawberry picking! Yeah... the first delicious berries of the season. We tried to go last week, but the fields were picked clean, but today... success! David, Sam and I dropped Aaron off at school and drove to The Berry Patch. The boys were hard workers and the three of us filled the whole bucket that Sam is holding.

We've had LOTS of strawberries to eat today. From cheerios and strawberries ("Just like the picture on the box, Mom!") to this tasty angel food cake strawberry roll. (Very easy. Whip up a boxed angel food cake mix as directed, but bake it in a jellyroll pan/cookie sheet. While it is still warm, roll it up with a dishtowel and let cool. Unroll the cooled cake and spread with cool whip and strawberries. Roll it back up and "frost" with cool whip and garnish strawberries.) Aaron loves to help me bake and cook and was very happy to pose with the finished product.

The boys loved the dessert. There was even begging for seconds. The third picture is of David enjoying the last bite.


jrb said...

Hi - I just found your blog through a strange series of random clicks. Anyway, I can answer the picture question. They are small because the orignals are small. I don't know if you shrunk them before uploading to blogger, but try using them just as they come off your camera. And look at your camera settings to see what size you're shooting. Try to have them at a medium or higher quality pixel setting and you'll get bigger pictures online. Once you upload to blogger they always appear at the top of your post with text below. Just take the picture and drag it where you want it. Hope this helps!

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