Wednesday, May 16, 2007

WFMW: Butter Spray

Butter Spray: Not Just for the Calorie Conscious Anymore...

Recently I bought myself a bottle of butter spray. The purchase was made with calorie-cutting in mind, as a "spray" of butter is virtually calorie free. I have to admit that the butter flavor is good and a few sprays do the job.
Initially, I practically had a lock and key for my butter spray. After all, the children just L.O.V.E. spraying a spray bottle of "whatever-it-is". They would welcome the opportunity to spray their food with anything, even Windex, if they could be the one to pull the trigger or push the spray pump.
My Butter spray. Hands off...
Until I discovered how much simpler my life could be if I shared my butter spray.
No more squashing too-cold butter onto the children's waffles, flattening those cute little grids in the process. No more too-cold butter rips on the bread while making grilled cheese sandwiches. Yes, ma'am, we've got better, quicker potatoes, bread, muffins, waffles, sandwiches, corn on the cob, popcorn, etc.
Butter Spray!
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Joyful Days said...

This sounds like something we would use a lot around here. Is there a brand or is this going to be something that when I see it I am going to say, "How did I ever miss this?" (I miss a lot of things, apparently.)

Anonymous said...

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