Thursday, July 26, 2007

Sweet Tuesday

On the fourth Tuesday of the month I get a group of ladies together at my house for FUN. We have had a chocoholic night, a pajama party, an ice cream social. We have had a pair of interior decorators come to give us tips. We've learned how to container garden. We have talked about everything from nail polish to birthdays to casseroles. No matter what the theme, the fourth Tuesday is Sweet Tuesday.

One of our favorite things to have is a Guinea Pig Dinner. No, we don't eat guinea pig! Every lady prepares and brings a recipe that she has been wanting to try. The other day we feasted on chicken and dumplin's, cheesy muffins, salads and desserts.

I came across Leah (in Iowa)'s blog, South Breeze Farm. There I found lots of delicious looking recipes to try. I gave three recipes a yummy try for Sweet Tuesday.

On Sweet Tuesday I spend time getting things ready and cleaning before the ladies arrive. (I know you can't imagine why I would have to clean and "spruce up" a bit for the ladies. At least I should get all the cars, trucks and Rescue Heroes from under the couch cushions!) (Not that you think that I totally knock myself out because the best motto I've heard about hospitality is, "I've invited you to bless you, not to impress you." *) I do, however, need to feed my family something quick and easy so that my husband and the boys can get to their "Daddy Date" and that my friends can start arriving.

This Tuesday I tried Creamy Chicken Salad and it was sweet, fruity, and creamy. We ate it for a quick supper and I put it out on the buffet table for the ladies to sample, as well. I loved telling people the unusual combo for the tasty dressing.

The Chocolate Chip Cheese Ball was a quick and easy appetizer. I'll admit that I wasn't patient enough to wait to shape it into a ball. Instead, I mixed in some chopped pecans and sprinkled it with more chopped pecans. I piled it into a bowl and served it with honey graham stix and chocolate animal crackers. The sweet mini chocolate chips and tangy cream cheese were a tasty combo. And you've got to love anything you can slather on a chocolate animal cracker!!

I'm not usually a coffee drinker, but I thought Leah's recipe for Mocha Punch looked special and different. After all, who can turn down a punch that is frothy with almost a gallon of ice cream? (And lucky for me, Food Lion had Edy's ice cream on sale for buy one, get one free.) Everyone came back for a second cup!

Thanks, Leah for making my table a tasty one!

*I modeled my Sweet Tuesday after an idea I read about called, Sweet Monday. That is also where I read the quote about hospitality.


Leah in Iowa said...

Wow ~ three of my recipes all on the same day? You ARE brave! And for company, none the less! =) I'm glad they went over well, and that you had a great time with your girlfriends. Sounds like a fun tradition. Too bad we don't live closer!

~ Leah

Leslie said...

That sounds like SO MUCH FUN!

Anonymous said...

What a neat idea! I bet you look forward to that day all month. I have Leah's recipes, but I haven't tried them yet. I will definitely have to do that soon!

penguinsandladybugs said...

I really love this idea...I'm gonna try to start this tradition in my home!

Rebecca said...

What a fun idea. I may have to start something like that when hubby is deployed. Thanks for sharing! Oh and I love that hospitality quote, that really does describe it perfectly.

Tara said...

what great ideas! Thanks for the recipes.