Sunday, July 29, 2007

I Hate to Admit it, but...

we play with S. I know. You play with your children, too.

No, let me clarify. When S falls asleep from absolute exhaustion we play with him. Use him like a puppet. Really for our own amusement.

A little background information: S gave up naps when he wasn't quite 2. We moved to this house and he moved into his Big Boy Bed and never took another nap time nap. Ah, with two older brothers naps are rather inconvenient anyway. If S really needed a nap I would take the "scenic" route home after picking up A from school. Or I could convince us all to sit on the couch crowded with pillows and blankets to watch some PBS.

Well, the side effect of an occasional nap shortage is that once in a while S falls asleep in unusual places. Mostly the dinner table, but we've also nabbed him folded up on the couch, or just sprawled on the floor.

Sometimes it is all he can manage to get through dinner. He starts to doze between bites. Sadly, we (the two big brothers, Daddy and Mommy) arrange him, make little voices come from his napping head, etc.

Oh, now don't think we are being mean. It is all done in good fun. In fact, S is fully aware that we do this. Hey, he laughs between head lolls.

I thought I needed to blog about this when I found this picture. S had fallen asleep on the couch in a rather uncomfortable looking position, so I moved him to his bed. And then someone added the sunglasses.

At least S is going to have something to talk about when he is on the Therapist's couch. ;)


penguinsandladybugs said...

Okay...kinda cruel...but pretty funny. Thanks for visiting my site and you helped to inspire to me create another blog for the monthly marathon -- should I add you?

Mary@notbefore7 said...

Ha Ha. That is such a funny post. Mine have given up naps early in this house, but end up in bed for the night at hours like 6 PM...that picture was cute.

Anonymous said...

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