Monday, July 30, 2007

Marathon Mama

Wanna run a marathon? You're kidding right? After three babies there isn't a part of my body that wishes to partake in a run. That and when my thighs rub together my pants catch fire. Too dangerous.

Wanna walk a marathon? Walk... yes. Marathon... isn't that, like 26 miles? In a row? Who will wash the dishes? Who will feed the children? Who will push my wheelchair?

Wanna walk a marathon over the period of a month? Okay.

Penguinsandladybugs over at Monthly Marathon is hosting a monthly marathon. (Like how the title matches the event? :) ) Here's how it works. During the month of August walk (jump, skip, gallop, run- whatever works for you) 26 miles. (Not even a mile a day...) You know you want to sign up.

Buzz on over there and join us marathoners!


Rebecca said...

Thanks for visiting. I'm thinking about joining the marathon but will have to work my way up to 26 miles/month - slowly. If you ever post your scrapbook pages you should join in on Masterpiece Monday, even if it's some older stuff to start with. :)

penguinsandladybugs said...

Hey! Thanks for helping promote the Monthly Marathon. I think I fixed your link :)

Anonymous said...

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