Saturday, July 14, 2007

Florida: Part Three: The Beach!

One afternoon Paula and I took all 6 kids (ages 3-9) to the beach. We sat on chairs and enjoyed the sun while the kids played so nicely just a few feet away. I always thought it would be stressful to take my boys to the beach, but it wasn't. They stayed pretty close and they were content to play in the sand with quick trips to the water for a bucketful of water for their sand sculpture. And they happily played just along the water's edge (with Mom's watchful eye... :) ).
My favorite beach photo of all three boys.

A having a drink break. He was so happy to dig in the sand.
S, my other sand boy.
A way-too-far-away shot of all the kids. I'll have to mess around with the photo to make it a little closer.

D was Shell Finder Supreme. He filled an entire WalMart bag with beautiful shells. I later purchased a postcard depicting all sorts of shells for D. Sure enough, he sat with a piece of paper and drew pictures of the shells and tried to copy their names.


After :)