Saturday, September 1, 2007

Snappin' Summertime Challenge

Earlier today I wandered over to and discovered that ScrappyDea is hosting a challenge. For every photo posted for the 65 summer words, she will give an entry for some scrapbooking goodies. Hmmm. A pictorial of my summer and a chance to win a prize. Here are my pics after my computer ate them... twice.
Thanks for the fun, ScrappyDea.

4. aunt

6. bare feet

7. bathing suit
9. beach towel

10. blue
14. clouds

19. devil

22. fire

25. grandparent
26. grass

30. house33. laughing

34. marshmallows

37. orange
38. party

40. pool

41. race
44. red

45. refreshing drink

48. sand
49. shorts











Anonymous said...

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Deanne said...

Cool pics!!!!! Thanks so much for participating! I am thinking about doing an AUTUMN photo challenge as well. Would you be interested in it?

Deanne said...

Hey, I just noticed that you are a K teacher! I'm a grade 6 teacher!!!

Totallyscrappy said...

I would love to do an Autum challenge!! Last night I was trying to think of 65 Autumn words. I guess great minds do think alike.
I always thought that I would teach grade 6, but then I actually hung out with bigger kids and decided that K's were my favorite!

Anonymous said...

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