Saturday, September 1, 2007

Marathon Mama Makes It!!

Hip Hip Hooray!!
At the end of July I joined up with Penguinsandladybugs over at Monthly Marathon to walk a marathon in the month of August. Well, as of Tuesday I had walked 14 miles. With only three days left I did the math. I needed to walk 12 miles in three days to meet my goal. 4 miles a day... Wowser! Let me just polish my fingernails on my shoulder... I did it!
(Yes, my butt, back, thighs, and shins hurt, but I DID IT!)
Wednesday night Diane and I walked 4 miles around her neighborhood. (2 miles were in the RAIN.) Then Thursday I walked one mile in the rain at home. I walked another three dry miles at Diane's house. Yesterday morning I walked 3 miles with Diane. And last night I walked my last mile right before putting the boys to bed.
Special thanks to my walking buddy, Diane. Without her hauling me around her neighborhood I would not of made my goal!
And thank you, Penguinsandladybugs for a terrific idea. Is September a "marathon month"?