Friday, June 15, 2007

Remind Me...

To do something cool when I post my 100th post!

I was just over at Amy's blog, "Experience Imagination" and she has a cool 100th post. Check it out.

(I'm off to figure out how to do the whole "linking" thing better...)


Amy said...

Thanks for the link! You get your two extra entries.

As far how to: You can type any text (such as "Read here") then highlight it with your mouse and click on this button. A window will pop up and you type or paste (CTRL+V) the URL there.

You could also type in the HTML code. To link to my blog's main page, for example, you could type:

<a href="">Amy's blog</a>

The above code gives you this link

Amy's blog

Happy linking!

Leslie said...

I agree, favorites is is neat idea for a 100th post!

Anonymous said...

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