Sunday, June 3, 2007


During Kymberly's visit we left my boys with a babysitter and Kymberly, Diane, and I went to a local place that sells "stuff." I don't know how to explain the place. It isn't a flea market, exactly. It is more like a place that sells antiques, although most of the stalls were selling cutsie new things (fabric purses, printed napkins, kitchen gadgets, etc.) rather than antiques.
One item that caught my eye was a pretty floral apron. I love the idea of wearing an apron. "Suiting up" for my work as meal maker has a certain appeal. ("Chef" or "cook" doesn't really work when lately I've been serving meals of hot dogs, pizza, macaroni and cheese, pancakes or grilled chicken.)
While going blogging today I found that Nan (Life Is Like a Lunchbox) is hosting Apronpalooza. So, I might just win a cute apron. ;)