Wednesday, February 11, 2009

WFMW: Prayer Journal for Kids

Just yesterday my boys and I were talking about prayer journals. I used to make these for my students when I was teaching kindergarten. So, I offered to make the boys one and they were very excited. I took a piece of paper and drew lines to divide the page into four quadrants.

Each square was for a specific prayer request:

Draw and/or write about something for which you are thankful.

Draw and/or write about someone for which you would like God to bless. (Sick classmate? A favorite uncle? A friend that is traveling?)

Draw and/or write about something with which you want God to help you. (Trouble getting up on time? Hard time with math? Having trouble keeping your hands to yourself?)

The last square is for anything else the child would like to pray. Another thankful prayer. Another person in need of a blessing. An opportunity to ask for forgiveness. (This can be really unclear for kids under about 7. They can usually point out others' needs for forgiveness, but not always their own.) Or just something they know about God.

(The "draw and/or write" makes this an easy activity that isn't about handwriting or perfection.)

Once the squares were finished I helped them actually pray what they had drawn and/or written. It works for us!

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Micah and Katie said...

Great idea!!! Do you then store these in binders?? I love to keep all my prayer journals. Its fun to go back and see how God answers our prayers!

Hannah said...

Ooooh, I like this idea! I've been needing something fresh for our morning devotions, this would be great!

nikkit3 said...

I love love LOVE this idea!!!!!
Especially the part about how it's NOT about handwriting/perfection:)
Thanks for sharing!

Amanda said...

What a wonderful idea. I liked Micah&Katie's idea of storing in a binder, too.

Emma's Mommy said...

I love this idea. Of course right now if we started one of these it would be full of princess' and shoes and books. Once she is done praying for family and friends and her "bwessings", she then has an entire list of each princess, each pair of shoes.....

Helene said...

This is such a great idea!

amy said...

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