Monday, February 2, 2009

Makes My Monday: Baseball Season

Here's the photo that "Makes My Monday." The boys started baseball in January. Here are their feet... before they got dirty!
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Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

January seems early to start baseball but I guess you live in Florida so it makes perfect sense!

I'm ready for professional baseball to start especially now that football season is over!

Emma's Mommy said...

I read "baseball" and thought - it is 20 degrees outside. Who in their right mind would be out playing baseball???? And then I remembered that you live in Florida. :-) Hope the boys are having fun!

Cheryl Lage said...

Awww, look at those sweet cleated feet! :)

They Make My Monday, too! Thanks for playing along!

Anonymous said...

We have registration on Saturday, but practices won't start until March. Even then, it will be chilly until the season gets going in April. Hope your boys have fun!

Audra Krell said...

Hi! My three boys have been playing baseball year around for the past few years. I still love every second of it though!!! There is nothing as thrilling as bleaching white pants, shaking the dust of cleats and packing a cooler to head out to the ballpark for a glorious Saturday filled with games. There is nothing I'd rather do on the weekends, than to watch them "do their thang!"