Monday, September 15, 2008

Try-It-Tuesday: Carmelized French Onion Soup

Perhaps one of the positive aspects of my brother's untimely death is that I am paying more attention to my diet and exercise habits. I think I have functioning from under a bit of an ignorance cave about my own heart health and genetic disposition to bad heart health.
Let's face it. I've known it all along. Every member of my family whose ever died, has died from a heart attack. But I'm too young for that. I have too much estrogen surging through my veins for that. I eat too many donuts to outlive that.
I've been pumping up my vegetable and fruit consumption and I've found a new place to do my walks, so I've lost 3 pounds. (Yippee. Skippy!) That is good. Gotta have a high five for that! I've also looked for new recipes new products to try. After all, I need to find some low calorie finds to enjoy as much as those chocolate dipped pretzel crisps. ;)
A few weeks ago, when I was stocking up for Hurricane Ike, I bought a few soups for myself. Soup can be a filling and flavorful meal for little calories and fat. I noticed that Campbell's has a new line of soups- Select Harvest, that are just what I was looking for! I chose the caramelized French onion variety.
I love French onion soup. What isn't to love... all those simmered onions, rich beef broth, a blanket of bubbly white, cheese, and a large crouton?
Now, I know the low-cal soup wasn't going to have the bit of bread or all that gooey cheese, but I was looking forward to the beef and onion-y richness. And I was disappointed. It had an odd flavor. I'm not sure what the deal was, but I couldn't eat it. It was full of onions and the broth was a deep, clear brown, but I didn't like the flavor.
Sorry. I'm hoping the other flavors are better! Look here to see all the flavors. Give 'em a try and let me know which one I should try next!
And head on over to Mrs. Who's blog to see what other people have given a try this week.


Mrs. Who said...

I'll have to try those! Progresso also has a line of low-calorie soups that are delicious and they are only one point with Weight Watchers!

Vodka Mom said...

found you over on mudpie! I'm so sad about the loss of your brother! Congrats on the diet stuff! I need to lose about 30 pounds. If only I could be anorexic. Only for a couple of months....

It's nice to run into a fellow kindergarten teacher!

Wep said...

OMG I love French Onion soup too.

Oh and definitely give Spearhead a try. He really sounds like he's singing to you.

the ginhouse said...

Hey sweets, just be sure to check the sodium in canned soups. They tend to be pretty high, and that could work against you on blood pressure. Frozen usually has less sodium than canned, but obviously fresh would be the healthiest because there's not all the sodium in preserving it.
Head over to for some easy great healthy recipes. I use them frequently. Also I recently purchased a healthy appetizer/snack book and a church potluck book. I'll have to tell you how they go over and send some copies to you.

Kim Thomas said...

I think there is something about French Onion soup that you just have to have the bad stuff-it needs the gooey cheese. My favorite is from Mimi's Restaurants.

All the other soups should have some heart healthy good flavors. Keep trying the other ones and when you need some French Onion-just splurge.