Friday, June 27, 2008

Meme Fun!

Cookie Madness is one of my favorite blogs. Yummy recipes for baked goods and entertaining blogging all by Anna. I saw this meme on her blog and had to participate!

1) LAST MOVIE YOU SAW IN A THEATER. The Veggies Tales Movie about lazy pirates. I'll admit that I was disappointed. I long for the days when The Veggies Tales took a bible story and made it "vegetarian". Ah, hey, the movie was free and the popcorn was salty.

2) WHAT BOOK ARE YOU READING? To My Dearest Friends. I'm not too far into it, and to be honest, with moving preparations I really am lacking the attention span it takes to read a sentence, let alone a whole novel.

3) FAVORITE BOARD GAME? Scrutinize. Very fun game that includes a timer and speed. I'll admit a little quirk about myself here... I'm not a huge fan of board games. And mostly it is because I can't stand to wait while you realize that it is your turn. PAY ATTENTION! That, and I hate to explain the rules.

4) FAVORITE MAGAZINE? OOh, OOH, I love magazines! Glossy pages and articles that can be read in random, quick order. Scrapbooks, Etc. is my favorite scrapbooking magazine. I'll read just about any momma-friendly magazine... Taste of Home, Family Circle, Better Homes, Victoria...

5) FAVORITE SMELLS? Hands down... wedding cake. I am certain that Heaven will smell like wedding cake. I also like lemon, oranges, apples, cinnamon, cookies, and chocolate. I like toilets that smell like Pinesol and clothes that smell like Cheer & Downy and babies that smell like that pink Johnson & Johnson baby wash. The only flower smell that breaks up my cleanser/food fragrances is lilacs.

6) FAVORITE SOUNDS? A can of Diet Pepsi being opened, S laughing, A giggling, and D guffawing, cats purring, kids playing in the pool.


8)WHAT IS THE FIRST THING YOU THINK OF WHEN U WAKE? Should I really be having a Diet Pepsi this early? Is there any orange juice? Who's all awake and how much tv have they had?


10) FUTURE CHILDS NAME? Ellen has always been the name we've picked for a baby girl. I like Rebecca and Libby, as well. If we had another boy (and-you-know-it-would-be-a-boy) we might name him Micha Jay.

11) FINISH THIS STATEMENT—’IF I HAD A LOT OF MONEY I’d… get my nails done, give more to church/missions, travel...

12) DO U DRIVE FAST? a little fast. Just a bit. Not too much. That would be reckless.

13) DO U SLEEP WITH A STUFFED ANIMAL? No, but don't mess with my blankets!


15) WHAT WAS YOUR FIRST CAR? A 1972 red VolksWagon Super Bettle.

16) FAVORITE DRINK? Diet Pepsi.

17) FINISH THIS STATEMENT-IF I HAD THE TIME I WOULD… paint my nails, organize my closets, scrapbook, clean, blog, sleep, exercise, etc...


19) IF YOU COULD DYE YOUR HAIR ANY OTHER COLOUR, WHAT WOULD BE YOUR CHOICE? I would love to add some blonde highlights.

20) NAME ALL THE DIFFERENT CITIES/TOWNS U HAVE LIVED IN. Huntington, Fort Pierce, St. Paul, Windsor, Bowling Green, Fort Wayne, Oviedo, Greenwood, and MovingOnceAgain


22) ONE NICE THING ABOUT THE PERSON WHO SENT THIS TO YOU? Since I saw this on The Cookie Madness Blog I have to tell you that Anna puts up a new cookie recipe just about everyday. Now that is cookie baking inspiration, folks!

23) WHATS UNDER YOUR BED? Dust Gorillas.

24) WOULD U LIKE TO BE BORN AS YOURSELF AGAIN?? The other options pale in comparison... ;)

25) MORNING PERSON OR NIGHT OWL? Night owl. Oh, how I wish I were a morning person...


27) FAVORITE PLACE TO RELAX? in the corner seat of our sectional sofa. I'm looking forward to relaxing on the enclosed porch at our new place, though.

29) FAVORITE ICE CREAM FLAVOR? I want to rattle of the name of some deliciously loaded chocolate ice cream full of bits of nuts and brownies, etc, but I usually buy vanilla and then I can doctor it according to my whims... oreos, caramel, chocolate sauce, mini M&M's, sprinkles, peanuts, walnuts, almonds, mini chocolate chips, whipped cream, fresh strawberries, brownie bits, etc. (...Not all at once, people...)

30) OF ALL THE PEOPLE U HAVE TAGGED, WHO IS THE MOST LIKELY TO RESPOND FIRST? I'm not sure, but here are some wonderful blogs! If you want to enjoy some meme fun, as well, leave me a comment, so I can come see how much we have in common.

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Ter said...

ooh. Thanks for tagging me. I feel so special....

I'll go post my answers now. :)

justabeachkat said...

That was fun to read.


Tami@ourhouse said...

Thanks for the tag- interesting you lived in Oveido (Florida, right?). My husband and I were born and raised in Florida.

I was also disappointed in the Veggie Tales movie! And we paid a LOT of money to get in, even though we visited the matinee. ($40.00 for our family of six!)

penguinsandladybugs said...

That was lots of fun...thanks for the tag!

Patrice0x0x said...

What a fun activity! I might have to fill this out sometime when I am lacking things to post about. We could obviously never play board games together because I am one of those people you always have to yell at!

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