Monday, February 18, 2008

The Chocolate Pound Cake of my Dreams

Before moving to The South I never needed pound cake. Oh, sure. I would occasionally invite Sara Lee over if I had lots of strawberries or if I had some chocolate fondue that needed dipped into. But, I'd never needed pound cake.

Last October I invited my church over for a Marty Party to celebrate Reformation Day. One of the ladies brought a chocolate pound cake. When the dinner was over she insisted that she leave behind at least half the cake.

I'm not ashamed to admit that I fell in love with that cake. Sliver by chocolate pound cake sliver we developed a relationship. Well, eventually my heart (and the seams of my pants, but that is another post) was broken when the last tiny crumb was devoured.

Now, I did know where I could go to get another chocolate pound cake (read: fix). Afterall, the pound cake had been purchased from a bakery in a neighboring town. But I just couldn't bring myself to drive all the way over there and PAY for cake when I was fully capable of baking my own delights. If only I had a recipe.

Thus began my hunt for a chocolate pound cake recipe. I new I didn't want a wet, heavy cake. I knew I didn't want a cake that required a frosting or glaze. (Not that I am oppossed to frosting or glazes, or wet, heavy cakes for that matter. I just didn't want that for my chocolate pound cake.) The chocolate pound cake of my dreams was light, big, "delicate-ly" chocolate-y, and with a bread-like texture. And, hey, I was going to give bonus points to a hint of cinnamon.

Well, over at I found the chocolate pound cake of my dreams. And I am willing to share the recipe. Just remember... I warned you... addictive little piece of Heaven.

Baked in a bundt pan this chocolate pound cake was a dream. She danced with vanilla ice cream. She shared the plate with a swirl of whipped cream. She broke my heart when the last teeny crumb was squashed onto my finger and licked into oblivion. But she remains The Chocolate Pound Cake of my Dreams!

Proof that I did share my delightful cake with the family. Three little pieces, anyway.


Sarah said...

I'm glad all your pound cake dreams have come true! Looks delicious.

tommie said...

That pound cake looks delicious. We have a chocolate chocolate chip bundt cake we make for special occasions.

Thanks for visiting my manic Monday post.

Anonymous said...

See here

Anonymous said...

Sorry. Look please here

MaryLu said...

Oh my goodness, Fat Girls is drooling, skinny girl is trying to wrestle her into submission!!
Hello again, you lovely lost 16 pounds!

Ter said...

I'm sure it's better than the mudpies your blog promotes. ;)

justabeachkat said...

Now I know what I'll be dreaming about tonight! LOL


Anonymous said...

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