Monday, December 10, 2007

A Conversation with Santa...

On Saturday, in a moment of sheer madness, I loaded up the three boys and headed off to WalMart. We wandered the store eating candy, cookies and visiting with Santa. (And they took your pic with him for a donation! Don't even get me started about paying for a photo with the Big Guy...) On one of our last laps around the store D found a fancy schmancy Star Wars toothbrush that plays the Star Wars theme song. What a cool toothbrush! BUT! The toothbrush was 7 dollars and 58 cents.
I told D that for that price the toothbrush would be a "gift" and he could add it to his birthday list or he'd have to ask Santa for it. "Alright," he said, warding off a tantrum, "I'll ask Santa."

Well, several hours later just D and I were at the mall. Now, I love the mall Santa. We've seen him several times this year and for the Jolly Man he runs a bit to the dry, sarcastic side- a feature I love in my Santa. :)

We march past the signs advertising their photo packages that start at 15 Big Ones. D proceeds to the sit-on-my-knee-stage of the whole Santa Shtick. He mentions the toothbrush (after all, this was just an amendment to The List, so why bother with behaviour small talk) and Santa looks at me. The following conversation ensues:

Santa: A Star Wars toothbrush. That sounds interesting.

Me: Santa, it is a very cool toothbrush, but it is $7.58.

Santa: Well, dental hygiene is very important.

Me: Yes, it is, Santa, but $7.58?

Santa: The Mrs. Clause and I have had extensive dental work done and good dental hygiene is important.

Me: Dental hygiene is important. Last year you left the boys $4 toothbrushes in their stockings and I thought those were rather generous.

Santa: (pauses and nods) Can I give him a sucker?

Me: Why, yes you can because we are going to go home and brush our teeth with our $1 toothbrushes!!
The pic is really bad, isn't it? You can't see D's face and this isn't the cool mall Santa... just adds a bit of Christmas to the post. :)


Xandra said...

LOL! I see a scrapbook page......

Anonymous said...

So funny! How nice of him to talk it out with you like that!

MaryLu said...

That just cracks me up!! "Dental Hygeine is important." Aw shut up Santa! As if HE's the one buying them.

Nikki said...

I just love your blog! You make me laugh!!!! $7.58 is outrageous...but I'm sure if my HUSBAND or ds saw the thing...they'd BOTH want one!!!!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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