Monday, August 20, 2007

Pit Crew?

The boys love riding their scooters. They zip around and do tricks and life is great. The best scooter riding occurs when I move the cars to the back and side of the driveway to give the boys a huge "race track" for riding. I usually take a book out and sit on the steps and "supervise" while the "race track" is open.
This morning we were all outside. I'm flipping the pages of Quaker Summer (very good, thus far) and the boys are racing. They are stopping for "gas" (crazy water bottles with spouts that look like Bugs Bunny characters... Taz for A, Sylvester for D and Bugs Bunny for S...) when D invites me into his play world with, "Mom! I need tires!!!"
I look up and say, "I guess you need a pit crew."
He looks me right in the eyes and says, with all the cockiness he can muster, "You ARE the pit crew!!"
Now, I know that we moms wear lots of hats... cook, nurse, shopper, teacher, friend, etc..., but now I have to be the Pit Crew, too? (And do I have to be the WHOLE pit crew?)
Well, if I'm going to be the Pit Crew... I'm glad my racers are the best!!