Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Birthday Boy

My little S turned 4 just a few days ago. My In-Laws were here a bit back and we had a mini party with Grandparent presents and festivities. Then this weekend we had cupcakes, festivities (read: dinosaur tattoos) and presents from us. Isn't he a handsome 4 year old??

One of the things I've learned is that the rocking chair is the "Birthday Chair." S sat in the rocking chair very early in the day and announced that he was in the "birthday chair" and READY. I never thought of the rocking chair as the "Birthday Chair," but he is right. If it is your birthday you sit in the rocking chair to open gifts.

S sat there a long time, but it eventually paid off. Here he is with his brothers showing of a new box of Kid K'nex. (They all LOVE these cool building toys.)

S is also enjoying his new scooter, new clothes and a cool mat that goes with the VTech Smile box.