Wednesday, April 25, 2007

WFMW: Cleaning with Rice

A while back I stumbled across a great blog, Rocks in My Dryer. One of my favorite parts of Shannon's blog is her blog carnival, Works for Me Wednesday. Here bloggers share numerous tips about everything from organizing, travel, cleaning, parenting, just-about-everything. I must admit that when I started my blog I looked forward to sharing tips on WFMW. So, here it goes...

Don't you hate that "gunk" in the bottom of the sippy cups or vase? I'm sure you've seen that "stuff" that refuses to wash out even after the cup's trip through the dishwasher. I bet you've even tried sticking your arm wayyyy down that skinny sippy cup or vase only to be unable to reach all of the gunk.

Well... a little soapy water and raw rice to the rescue! Put raw rice and warm, soapy water into the cup or vase and swirl or shake. Throw out the soapy rice and rinse your cup or vase. Viola!

Look for other great WFMW tips over at Shannon's blog, Rocks in My Dryer.