Sunday, October 12, 2008

Spanish Lessons

One of our new experiences since we've moved to Florida is Spanish. It seems that everyone else speaks at least a little Spanish and most people seem to be quite bilingual. At the boys' school I often hear other parents carrying on conversations in Spanish and English.
The boys are all new to Spanish and take Spanish lessons as part of their school work.
One morning at 7:59 (we leave at 8) A came running up to me, "I have to dress up like a policeman!!" Why?? is the obvious answer to that. "It is for Spanish class! I have to dress up like what I want to be when I grow up!! You have to help me, MOM!"
I grumble about the timeliness of his request and then say, "Have you considered undercover work?"
Immune to my sarcasm, he says, "I just need a pair of jeans and a blue shirt."
"You don't have a pair of jeans that fit anymore. I've only seen policemen wear blue pants and you are already wearing blue pants. Can you find a blue shirt?"
"Hurry up and get it and let's go!!"
(Disaster averted Go SuperMOM!)
After school I asked him how his presentation went. He replied, "She let me do it in English because she said I didn't know any Spanish." :) Well, at least he was dressed the part, right?

Another Spanish story...
Every morning we pass the school custodian on our way to the boys' classrooms. I always say, "Good morning," and the school custodian always says something just as nice in Spanish. And then D walks past him, and with a giant wave says, "Hola!"

And, yet another Spanish story...
One afternoon I was at the school helping with a pizza lunch and I was looking for somewhere to put all the pizza boxes. I asked the custodian where I should put them and he said to me, "I don't speak any English."
I smiled and said, "Well, that makes us a good team because I don't speak any Spanish."
He smiled and said, "Isn't that... 50/50?"


Wep said...

I always wanted to learn spanish, but it never quite stuck when I tried :)

Fuschia said...

"Have you considered undercover work?" Love. It.

"Immune to my sarcasm" Totally. Relate.

Laura said...

Quiero saber mas espanol tambien.
(I want to know more spanish also.)

Meridith said...

Too funny!!! I've been wanting to learn Spanish myself.... hum.... new project!!