Tuesday, July 22, 2008

We're Here!

We made it!! We are in our new house and loving it!
Our trip down was uneventful, for which we are thankful.
Most of our things made it out of the moving van unscathed. Some things now have a scar from moving, but a little of that is expected, I guess.
When we were almost here we turned off the turnpike because it was so crowded, thinking we could find our way. (Hhhhaaaaaaaaaahahhhhhhahaha...) We stopped to use the restrooms and to ask for directions, but in the traffic hubby went one way and I went another. Then I saw him zip by and I followed him. I called him on the cell phone and said, "OK, I'm right behind you." Then I did get right behind him at a stop light. Hey, where is all the stuff in the back? Hey, where is my son? Hey, That isn't my husband!! That's right I followed somebody else's husband for miles out of my way.
Anyway, tell me why it is that when you are lost you are never lost in a gated community? I always find myself lost in THAT section of town. You know tattoo parlors, half dressed women, bars on the windows and stores that D asked what kinds of "toys" they were selling.
Phew, anyway. We're here.


Toni said...

Congrats on arriving safely and sound!

Leslie said...

Ha! Lost on That side of town! I am glad you are in your new home :)

Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

Glad you made it!!! And following the wrong person is totally something I would do!

Ter said...


well, I'm glad you found your way back to the RIGHT side of town! ;)

Amberly said...

I've been behind! Glad you're move went well. We definitely know how stressful that can be!