Wednesday, January 9, 2008

WFMW: I Need A Hot Date... (and a cookie)

Alright. I'll admit that I have the Hot. I just need the Date. :)

Today Works For Me Wednesday is about asking for a tip rather than offering a tip. So, I'm looking for date night suggestions so that my husband and I can spend some time reconnecting. What works for you in the dating department?

For other Works for Me suggestions and questions visit Shannon at Rocks in My Dryer.

Oh, yeah, I know I already asked for one tidbit, but could I push my luck just a bit? Wanna share your bestest cookie recipe? I got a big ol' mixer for Christmas and I'm looking for Cookie recipes!


Amanda said...

First off, thank you so much for your advice on teaching my son to read :) I'm really going to take your advice and put it to good use :)

As for the hot date ~ I need advice on this too... but one thing that's nice to do is buy the board game "Would you rather" and you guys will have a ball and laugh your butts off together :)

penguinsandladybugs said...

I'm not sure if you are wanting ideas for HOW to spend your time or HOW to find time. Both of these are a struggle for me. But one thing that is kinda cool is a "Date Night In" where you send the kids to a room with a TV and VCR or DVD player to watch a movie and eat pizza, while you and your man spend time together eating a great dinner at home. Another idea is to trade babysitting with someone and have a deal where you each get a night a month. Now if you are looking for ideas of what to DO once you have the's a few: take a cooking class together, take any kind of class together, go to a play, find a comic club and watch a comedian, ride go carts (really!), go to Starbucks, or just go for dessert at whatever restaurant....get just dessert. Maybe this will help get your mind flowing!! Let us know!!

MaryLu said...

My DH and I love to take a walk through our favorite bookstore and pick out great reading material.
Ok, boring I know--geez, I need to get out more!
As for cookies, try this one, love the brandy addition...swig for the cookies, swig for me, dash for the cookies, two shots for me. See feeling better already!

Ann said...

So nice to get your comment...about I couldn't resist popping by.

I do like the ideas that people offered for hot date nights--penguinsandladybugs suggested things that would be *experiences* that bring you together in the moment, working together, and you can look back on them and laugh about them (sounds like amanda's game could do the same). Although it sounds contradictory with "hot," ice skating could be nice, holding hands and plopping down together. It seems very youthful, like something you'd do if you just started dating.

An interesting question you posed.

I'm afraid I'm no good to you in the cookie department, as my standard fallback cookies are chocolate chip. Tollhouse recipe on the back of the bag. Boring, but predictably delicious.

Clemntine said...

Take a dance class! Once a week, I get to put on a dress and some pretty shoes and be held by my Knight for over an hour! We picked Tuesday night, as that was a slow night at the dance studio, and we've made some wonderful couple-friends that we (to state the obvious) wouldn't have ever known otherwise!

Edi said...

You don't really want to know my idea of a fun date...going out for dinner and then on to the thrift store (I love to "treasure hunt" there)...without the children.

See I told you you didn't want to know. Actually we rarely have a babysitter so anytime we can get out without the kids - it's a great date!

And my mil is here this weekend - so that means - KID FREE!

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